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How to titrate Mg/Ca/Alk


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So, given that the volume of our systems are not perfectly known and the concentrations of supplements are not fully disclosed, I am trying to figure out the best way to supplement Mg, Ca and Alk. My three-part supplement simply says "recommend .5ml/gallon per day for reef aquariums". I just did a 3 gallon WC on my 14 gallon. After the WC, parameters were pH 8.25, Mg 1200 ppm, Ca 410, alk 3meq/L or 8.4 dKH. Phosphate was .005 - is this going to cause algae?. I am wondering how best to add my supplements. My plan was to wait a few days and re-test and see where Ca and Mg were, but even then I am not sure how much supplements to add.


How do the pros do this?

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