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Ballast help needed


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All electronic ballast will make a slight hum to some degree, but if it's audible from across the room, then something may be faulty. Odyssea ballasts arent't always the best quality.

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yeah its def not working right at this point. Should I keep using it or should I dispose of it?


Also do you think an AI Sol blue would be too much light for a 20L?

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At the least, you should contact the point of purchace and get a replacement ballast. If it's loud, it should be replaced. It will fail eventually.


Seeing as the AI Sol Blue fixtures are dimmable, it's never too much light, provided you set it up correctly.

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As long as it doesnt catch on fire I dont mind the noise for now lol...


Yeah thats the reason I want it because its dimmable. I havent checked but do you make any products that are similar to AI sol blue?

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I'd still get it replaced asap. You never know when it will fail.


We don't have anything that is in direct competition to the Sol fixtures, but we have some items that will be coming up for sale here soon that will work on a 20L.

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