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Coral ID request


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Please ID this coral - Thanks!

More info - these have been in my tank 4 days. They were mostly white when I got them. My LFS, if you can call it that - (very lame) had an approx 75 gallon sw tank that over a year ago they appartenly just unplugged. The tank had no lights, no circulation, no filtration, no heat, no water changes for over a year. There was a lot of live(?) rock in the tank and it was overgrown with calerupa (sp?) . I was amazed that this coral, that was mostly bleached out) still showed any signs of life. I asked the girl in the shop about it and she said she was amazed the thing was still alive & to just take it if I wanted it. It is starting to get some color back, but I have seen no sign of anything opening up. It looks like individual anemone tentacles.

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Boy, that is odd . . .


It does look like it could be thin straggly zoas or palys of some sort that have been so starved of light that they strained to the max looking for light.


reminds me of a plant that doesnt get enough light and gets "leggy".


But just a guess, only time will tell once they open up.



Is it soft or rigid?

Can you see if there would be an opening at the tips?(pic kinda blurry)

I have seen a type of macroalgae that looks kinda similar . . .

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Looks like light starved Zoa/Pallys.. I've seen them get over 1" long if they're reaching for light.


Make sure you acclimate them to YOUR light properly. Don't go dropping them in the top of your tank or anything.


Start them on the sand bed, maybe in some shade and SLOWLY (if they've been w/o light for a year) move them out and eventually up to where you want them. They should start to open up eventually.

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