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Ecoxotic Panorama strip questions.


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Will one of these give me enough coverage for a 23.6"w tank. It will be going on a 24" T5 HO fixture along with a UVL Aqua Sun and UVL 454 (or ATI Blue +). Should I stick with the 8000k/453nm color for best color results or just the 453nm and leave it on for nightime viewing? The tank obviously won't have any strong light demanding corals in it, only low light stuff.



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how deep is the tank?


my all 453nm is very very blue when on all by itself. it has pretty good coverage too. one would be good to supplement your t5s and and some shimmer. if you want more punch added to you daytime lighting for growth reasons i would say 8000k/453.

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Thanks for the reply,


Sorry, the tank is 11.4" deep. Shimmer and good color are my main goals. I was wondering if the 453nm would make things too blue in there during the day with my existing T5 bulbs. Getting some good growth capability can't hurt though.

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