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inTank Solana 34 Media Basket


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Hey guys, I would like to share my testing with the inTank Solana mediabasket.


Keep in mind this is only a prototype and god only knows what other innovative features Stevie will put on the actual product


As soon as I got it, I thought there would be a problem with the basket fitting in the chamber. And as I removed my ghetto mediabasket and placed this Mercedes Benz-of-a basket, I was relieved to see it slide right in. I didn't have any more trouble then I had with mine, and this one is considerably bigger. All you have to do is wiggle it a little and till you feel the perfect spot and push in. It's a really snug fit, and I'm sure the flow will be awesome.


Any questions on the mediabasket are welcome!


This is my first day with it so in terms of functionality, time will tell.


Here are a few pics with media. More pictures up soon!





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Looks nice and I hope to get one. One thing that could be a problem is the chemipure at the bottom. Chemipure tends clog up and a few people including myself have reported a difference in water level between chambers 2 and 3 caused by poor flow through chemipure. The water needs a way around. I think it best to put chemipure in the 3rd chamber or the 1st if your skimmer is elsewhere.

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The basket is pretty huge and having media out of the basket pretty much defeats the purpose of even having one in the first place. If you keep filter floss on top there should be nothing that would clog up the bag. As with any basket tying larger bags of chemi pure to the second shelf greatly improves flow, yet on this one I don't know if that is needed it is pretty wide and deep.


Any chance this will work with a Sapphire skimmer?


It takes up chamber two you can take it from there

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I'll let ya'll know how it goes for sure! I'm gonna be documenting how this thing goes.


Did you take out the bottom plastic shelf when you put in the basket?

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