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Refugium mud... Worth the money?


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First, check out my sump/fuge design and my 75RR thread to see the possible application of the mud in question.


The plan is to have a nice display fuge in the front part of my 40B sump which will contain a variety of macros from reefcleaners. I'll have a shallow (1-2 inch) sandbed in there with LR rubble to serve as a pod breeding ground.


I've got 8"x36" of surface to cover on the bottom of the fuge... and I'm wondering if it's worth it to put a layer of refugium mud in there. I seem to see it recommended in a variety of places, but user reviews online for the same products read things like "didn't do what I hoped" or "it's overpriced dirt".

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And I'm planning to grow mangroves in there- but I heard they'll grow just fine with no substrate, or just rocks and macros for their roots to grab onto.

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