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Need help selecting equipment


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Setting up a 40 breeder maxi mini tank with 29gal sump. I have the 40, I have the 6 bulb Tek light, and im getting the 29 tomorrow :). My taxes should be in on Monday and I would like some help on equipment. I plan on getting the 700gph overflow kit from glarsecages.com. Whats a good skimmer for under $150 bucks, and a good return pump that will handle the 700gph over flow under $80. I will be getting x2 koralia evo 1050s for flow in the DT will that be enough for the 40? Thanks for your help, and look forward to seeing the progress on my tank thanks to your comments/suggestions.

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check out the eshopps skimmers, around your price range and supposedly good performers.


I think 2 1050s might be a bit excessive. maybe 2 750s? Heck even that seems a bit much to me.

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hey thanks for the reply! just found this cool substrate Im thinking of using "Tropic Eden Reeflakes Aragonite". seems like its really good stuff

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So this is what I have come up with so far. I have heard good things about the SWC, but im really trying to budget myself ( so my wife can complain less). BigAls doesn't have everything im looking for either. Im looking to buy everything from one site :P. Im going with premium aquatics since they're pretty close to where I live. So shipping will be fast and tasty... well not so much tasty.


Tropic Eden Aragasnow Sugar Size Sand 60lbs


Hydor Koralia Evolution 750 x2


Eheim-JAGER TS Heater - 200 watt


Eshopps Gen. II PSK-100 Skimmer Rated 75-100g tank ( I did some reading and every review seems good enough for me! Thanks Coastie!)


QUIET ONE 3000 PUMP 780GPH (will this be good enough for my over flow?)


Glarsecages.com 700gph over flow kit.

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Ok So I have some pics of the sump. He kinda has it done weird so im wondering If I cant find a skimmer to fit in the middle section. Would the HOB version of the EShopps skimmer be fine? The middle section measures 6\" long x 12\" wide. Also can the return pump be placed in the same section as the skimmer? I kind of want to do a double refugium deal. Chaeto on one side and rubble on the other for mushroom propagation.






heres a crappy sketch with paint. Trying to explain what im talking about. The white thing in the middle is the skimmer, the return pump is black, and the two sides are sand. So will setting it up like this work?



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