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My fisrt SW tank: a 2gal pico!


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Well after reading this thread and inspiration from many tanks specially andrewkw's nano...well I got an Dymax tank and here we go! I did some changes as well just as andrewkw did, I changed the return pump with a mini jet 404 and in the overflow chamber I hide the pump that came with the tank. I drilled a hole up close to the overflow area for the extra pump, but had some issues with water going too fast out of the return chamber into the tank and too slow back into the overflow...so I got my dremel out (of course I needed the 90 degree angle attachment and a new cutting bit and drilled some holes to increase the flow back into the overflow chamber. I already got some mangrove to put in the overflow chamber but they have no leaves yet and some barely any roots! so I put a fiber pad in there for a bit. I also have a 5 led par30 that will go with it in the next pics


So here's my tank, what do you guy think? too much rock work?


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Yep I put epoxy on it...I hope it holds! Should I put glue as well? Stocking options...working on it but zoas, some shrooms, etc will update the list soon!

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