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Water change and testing water?


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How long after a WC should I wait to check levels? I started to use DD H2ocean and want to see my progress. My MG is low(1050). I did a 3 gallon change today and plan to do a 5 gallon tomorrow. I have a 34G Solana. I also changed the GFO in my reactor. I want to get reading on my Calcium, MG and Nitrates. It seems like in my mixed water I have alot of particles floating. I have a pump(from my stock skimmer) circulating the water and I have been going in and mixing it every hr or so. The water is also on the cold side. Do I just need to keep mixing until the particles are gone and its up to temp?

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I'm curious too I just did a WC and I'm waiting to test me water. I usually don't test right after a water change, but my guess would be once it's mixed maybe an hour or so later?


As for your mixed water I've found that there is a lot of residue in DD H2ocean which is why I stopped using it. Other than that once it's up to temp and mixed for about 24 hours your good to go.

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