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Filter socks


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Can i wash it and reuse it or do i have to replace it? These things are expensive for a 1 and done use.



I take mine and wash them with 1 capfull of bleach in the washer, I usually flip them inside out and run them on the whites cycle (hot water), since I am paranoid I usually flip it back to the other side, and run it through the washer again (without anything added) then throw it in the dryer.



Have been doing this for quite some time and my socks are as white as the were when I bought them

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Bleach? Isn't hat harmfull to the reef?


Yes, if he were to put it directly in the tank. But no, he's washing it then drying it. The bleach all goes away.

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I throw mine in the washing machine under rinse & spin cycle. I run it 3 times and turn it inside out for the last 2. It's a lot more efficient than rinsing in the sink or with the hose.

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