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just bought this cube bout a month ago,pulled the rimless stunt earlier today.just wanted to post some pics of it.any positive input is welcome.



29G Biocube

150 watt MH 20k bulb(coral life fixture)

pair of false percs

striped damsel

domino damsel

3 blue legged hermit crabs

1 margarita snail

50lbs aragonite

15lbs of liverock

4 white l.e.d. moonlights(if you look at the clamp arm of my light you can see the leds)



also wanna thank bubba17311 for the idea.thx again buddy.



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Wow looks awesome :o:) haha could you show us how you took off the rim? It looks really clean.




sorry,i was so scared pulling this stunt off that i didnt take pics of the situation,kinda like taking pics of a bad car accident.i didnt know what the outcome was gonna be.its easy to take the trim out,its hard getting all that black silicone off,im still in the process of cleaning it up,theres still slight residue,im very maticulus so its driving me nuts,im gonna finish cleaning it up tomorrow and post some more pics,thx for the good reviews so far.i have this thread here if you really wanna try it at your own risk.



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