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20L sump specs?


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So I have a 20L sump that I intend to use my Bubble Magus NAC6 in. I just did some measurements and I am thinking the width of my baffles needs to be 11.75" I just want to verify before I go get them cut. Also I was planning on making the baffle for the skimmer 8.5" tall. Does anyone think this is too high, too low?

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that width should be good. My baffle are 9 in high. If I could do it again I would keep the first set by the skimmer at 9" then the other one before the return pump i would cut down to 7 1/2 to 8". this will lower the water in the fuge area but will also alow more area for power outage.

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Thanks! That's what I was going with.... So I will do (2) 11.5" x 9" (2) 11.5" x 8


The other 9" piece will be the middle section of the bubble trap.


Sound good? Or should I make the return side piece of the bubble trap smaller than the fuge side??

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Im not sure what you mean, but I cut 3 pieces at 9" for the bubble trap by the skimmer, then I have just one piece before the return.



Make sure you have plenty of room around the skimmer. I wish i would have made that area bigger or get a smaller skimmer.

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