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SiRbIgGsTiXx'S 30 GaLlOn ReEF


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Hey all decided to make a tank thread..My name is Matt, im from Baton Rouge and play golf for LSU. I have a 30 gallon mixed reef that has been setup for 7 months..I have a 250w sunpod with a 20k XM along with 2x39w t5s with a Blue+ and Fiji Purple..Also i have lunar cycle moonlight leds..When I started the tank, I had roughly 50 pounds of live rock and around 50 pounds of sand, after a few months i decided to take a little more sand out and a good bit of the live rock since it was just a pile of rocks that was making me depressed looking at such a plain tank..I have a HOB fuge/skimmer with a 2" sand bed and about 5 pounds of live rock rubble with chato and a great pod population..Heres the changes my tank has been through..As you can see i have finally figured how to use my camera and will be updating the pics from the crappy whited out ones on here..


month 1-3:



month 6 change to just a pile:



and the final scape change to stay:



Current Stock:

2 Percs, PJ Cardinal, LMB, 4 damsels(3 yellowtailed, 1 4stripe), Cleaner Shrimp, Emerald Crab



Acans(lords, orange crush), Green Torch, Open Brain, Zoas(eagle eyes, radioactive dragon eyes, coco pinks, marleys, purple hornets, blue tubbs, fire and ice morphs, other various i dont remember the names of), hammer, pink mushrooms, purple tip haitain nem, picoloppora, acro, digi, ora green birdsnest, toadstool, rics, gold palys,


other pics:

hot pink mushrooms


open brain loving life


torch under moonlights







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