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Saw this guy crawling up my wall tonight


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Sorry about the crappy photos, not quite sure what it is. It kinda looks like some sort of snail... without a shell maybe? No clue.


In the second photo you can see an arm extending to pull it up.



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stometella? google image it...


I don't think that's it. The top isn't a mouth, it literally looked like an arm that would extend and pull itself up. Also the shape of the body is different than the stomatella.


In addition, I didn't see any sort of antennae. I'm confused, and slightly freaked out that this large of a creature is in my tank without my knowing.

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Just some kind of stomatella or pod, you won't see them much in the day since they like to hide under rocks and coral. I do have a stomy that travels my tank just about 24/7. They make a nice addition to any cuc you have.

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it looks to be like a stomatella, but the pics are kinda fuzzy. I know you mentioned it was on the larger end, and all the info I found about stomatellas (I found one in my tank and I wasn't sure at first) say they only get about .75in; however, I have one or two that definitely larger-they are huge in comparison to the others!



Weird that there are no antennas. Well, whatever it is.. I hope you are able find out what it is! I also always like to know whats lurking around my tank.

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