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5.5g soft coral paradise EVILparLED


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edit added FTS: post-51644-1297478901_thumb.jpg


5.5g glass aquarium

2 20k 40optic EVIL Par38 bulbs!

1 Marineland 200gph HOB filter modified

GFO & carbon


a bunch o paly and zoanthid


couple dwarf certh snail and one big nerite




dat beeez it.





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That's sure a big light fixture. :)


I was dealing with pods eating my polyps -- so it was an emergency setup in the am hours one night


Looking to get a more appropriate light for it -- still just unsure about what to get though...

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Ordered this finnex pico 27w CF w/ moon light fixture -- black in color



black sand, black back ground, black light.




I have no livestock in this tank other than LR and zoa/palys -- do I need to feed this tank ever? Or is cool to never feed it?




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SLIGHT amount of hair algae on 1 rock -- lets me know I've got some nutrients in there. I'm sure it wont get crazy .


Got my first blasto -- mistook it for a paly, put it in this tank! lol


It opened right up though under this 20w 2 year old actinic bulb though! And it seems the GPE palys are actually growing a little under it!


I guess at 8 inches away it doesn't take much light.

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Finnex epoch light will be here Wednesday!


This tank is a 100% budget project, and I had some old stuff laying around....SO...


With a little elbow grease and a LOT of vinegar, I present to you (or myself lol):










Looks SO much better without the heater in the tank, and now I've got a place to run chemical media :-). The media tray is empty right now -- Trying to figure out best all-in-one media that isn't TOO fine to go in there. Ideas would be appreciated.




Found a type of zoa in there I didn't even know I had today! lol

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Got the finnex epoch 26w CF fixture -- I really like it, it's really bright. The color is very 10k or maybe slightly higher-- I see no "yellow" in the light.


Seems like it's going to be perfect for the low-light coral I have in here.

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added CUC to deal with minor hair algae/film algae



1 astrea starfish

1 blue leg hermit

10 drawf certh snail

1 jumbo nerite snail


few brissle worms


I think that'll more than do!


God the tank looks so much cleaner with the epoch light, makes coral not so hot color -- but I'm only concerned with growth in the tank -- not color, I can color them up later with my main tanks 20k lighting.


Would post pictures...but I can't find my damn memory card!

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Funktastic Wint
This is what Im talking about. I had a 5.5 stocked to the core all zoas and palys. These tanks are the best.



u hafta feed zoas if they are in a low organic waste/ fishless system or they will slowly decline

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u hafta feed zoas if they are in a low organic waste/ fishless system or they will slowly decline


i just spot fed the ones that'll eat with cyclopeeze. I used a pipette from the refractometer -- Really easy to control feeding in this tank compared to the 75



yea I just couldn't resist -- the palys were just begging for food! I swear I could hear um.

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I like the idea, I was thinking about plumbing in a 2.5 or a 5 gallon into my 40 setup and make a frag tank. Seeing this only makes me want to do it even more!

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I'll get some pictures up at lunch -- it looks SO much better with the epoch light. I like the "nothing-inda-tank" look.


I mounted my power strip with the glue.epoxy.glue method and it worked great! lolololol

...just hope it never breaks and I have to rip it off.


I removed the blue floss stuff from the HOB filter and replaced it with the 50g aquaclear HOB form insert, fit perfectly (exactly half of it, so I have a spare sponge).


Also put thermometer in area with heater -- it was just too big to be in the main tank.


I could probably hook-up some cheato thing up back there, but I'm just not interested. I can handle nitrates with 75% water changes -- what 4gallons?!? "I make it look easy -- no skill involved."

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total setup cost --


$42 for the light + shipping

1.50 for the aquaclear sponge

1.50 for walmart thermometer

2.00 worth of vinegar used cleaning HOB -- it was really really dirty with hard water stains.


that's it!


Goes to show even if I didn't have the other stuff laying around; you "can" setup a small pico for less than $100 including all but coral.

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epoch light sucks ass


some my polyps right under it are streeeeeeeeeching 2-3 inches


Probably just go bannanas on this with my 3-par30 boot leds


that is until I get enough for the 75! then I'll switch it over to total LED.

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they were stretching soooooo hard with just the epoch light.


30minutes of that and they were all laying flat against the rocks! lol


I turned 1 on before I left for work. Trying to really take it slow on them. Lights are 16inches from the sand, so I should have roughly 80par on all of the zoanthids.


We'll see how they do...

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Nice tank!

I've been reading up on how to increase zoa growth and lots of people say that strong random current is needed, what do you think?


I think each will thrive in a slightly different enviroment.


some like crazy flow some like crazy light. Green people eaters are one for example that LOVE SPS type lighting. My blue palys seem to like a lot of flow and little light.

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there is no photoshop nor the same photo. One is flash one is no flash. It really looks like that!




I gave him a starfish, he wouldn't take it from me. But then I walked away and came right back and he had it! Then the huge drawf blue leg hermit came close and he dropped it.


I was too scared to leave the hermit, so now he be back in 75g. Probably add some more snails to compensate later for his removal.

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I really like how it turns its head to look at me as I approach the tank. Seems like they see pretty well. I'm going to try and feed it again in a little bit. I know it eats astrea so it shouldn't be a problem at all keeping it fed.


I'm thinking I'll try two-three starfish a week and see how it goes.

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vicious! It is eating right now! The starfish I tried to feed it last night was high on the back wall in his tank. I took tweezers and pulled it off the glass and dropped it on its back right in front of the harlequin.


he kind of nudged it with his big front claws and when it moved he pounced with his "spear" arms.


well I'm happy it's eating -- looks like it's going to be fine! yippie!

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love what you have donew with this sweet 5.5. Especially what you with with LED lights. I am looking into mLEDs for my 30gal. Would love to make my own, but I'll see if my wallet lets me.

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