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Light It Up!


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So, I know some people have a hate for all things cheap in this industry but look what I stumbled upon earlier today:





It's a 20" 4 bulb fixture totaling 72 Watts, for only 50 bucks, shipped! It also has four LED's which would light up a ten gallon or similar tank very nicely. I'm pretty sure this company used to be crap but recently I have heard only good reviews about this "aqua traders" site and I am thinking about trying out this light,


Any thoughts?

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I just ordered the same light! Should be here Monday...Like you said...For 50 bucks shipped, it worth a try. Did you see the t5 mh combo 20 inch for 100 bucks?....That might be next

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Yeah, I did see that combo for 99 bucks, what an amazing price. Definitely let me know how that light works out for you because I am seriously considering it myself right now. I think that all the t5 units are up to par, excuse the pun, but the metal halides are still a little iffy for me.

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I was originally thinking that but then I realized that with 72 watts over a ten gallon....there will be plenty of light, I'm only using it over softies like pulsing xenia and kenya trees, some mushrooms and maybe some polyps. it will only need to go down a few inches too because of how high the LR will be stacked. But I do agree that the parabolic reflector should be individual reflectors.

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im pretty sure your gonna want to upgrade those bulbs pretty soon so when you do i would go with the 18in UVL bulbs which have the internal reflector which would make this fixture alot more efficient since it doesnt have any reflector

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