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Flow for a pico?


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Got a free tank (lets just say picotope for reference), light, heater and aqua clear 20 so im debating setting up a pico. I am only going with softies because of the light, but wanted to buy the appropriate power head for future upgrades. Would the 240 koralia nano be okay regardless, or should I just grab the 400? My concern is too much flow with the larger model.

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i dont know if you have dove on a real reef, the current rips through it. i have a 3 gallon tank with an ac70 set down but it pushes a lot of seawater around.

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using gph as the only reference for flow can be a bad way of doung things.


for example, the 200 or so gph that comes out of the AC20 is more or less downward, with very little randomization. most single source tanks tend to have less quality flow than those using two or even three smaller flow sources.


i say get the smaller koralia and use it to deflect some of the ACs flow to provide a random flow pattern

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I had a small k-nano in my 12" cube and removed it because I thought it was too much for my lps and thought they would start pulling away from the skeleton due to the flow being pushed off the glass. I have since removed the power head and my only scource of flow is a mj1200 with aobut 4 feet of head loss. I would set everything up temporarily with fw and see what kind of flow your dealing with right out the box.

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I would set everything up temporarily with fw and see what kind of flow your dealing with right out the box.



Hmmm yeah that's a good idea.


The reason I asked though is because regardless of the flow the filter puts out, I still did want to create more multi-directional flow with a powerhead. I happen to like koralias, so I was debating between those two.


I guess the simplest way to ask this is, if I have the nano 425 will it be blowing sand around like crazy or would I be fine?

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you'd be ok if you didnt do the AC mod, just got the K nano and pointed it at a rock formation to break up the flow. then softies wouldnt mind it at all.

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