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Green flatworm!


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Hey guys this morning I found a green flatworm in my tank, aft doing some research I think it might be that European flatworm that has algae in it so its not bad. My question is, is there Ny other flatworms that re green??


Should I get rid of hum although he appears to be harmless??


Thanks guys

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the bad ones are usually brown or red. if they are clear or green and on the glass, probably not bad. if they are on your corals or rocks, then u mite want to just kill it to be sure. i've seen tanks with the red ones and they are not pretty. like millions of those things all over the rocks. i would kill any flatworms u see in ur tank if its easy enuff to do so. just to be sure. after seeing the nitemare that can happen. the ones that arent bad arent really good either, theyre just not bad.

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