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Jacks BC29


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First time trying to attach photos this way. Hope it works!


Tank (BC29) has been running for about 6 weeks now. Bought for $150 on craigslist. PO had it up for 2 years. I've added about 20lbs. LR and 20lbs. live sand for a total of about 50 - 60lbs. LR and 40lbs. live sand. Along with 1 pair of tank raised clowns, 2 Chromis (coming out), 1 Yellow Watchman Gobie, 1 Yellow Banded Opposum Wrasse, 1 Cleaner Shrimp, 2 Turbo snails, 15 hermit.........


Going to try the new Hydor Slim Skim next week. Thinking Rics to start for sure, like the Acans.....what other corals would be good to begin with? This thing only has the PC lighting....


Any other feedback / suggestions welcomed!

Thanks for everyones help and addvice so far.

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Wow I really like the rockwork looks good


Hey Benjamin,



I know it looks and sounds crazy..... but I think I may add one more piece of L.R.! So far, pretty happy with it though. Next step is deciding on corals.


-Still open / appreciative on any suggestions, exspecially on corals!

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Very unique aquascaping~ I like it. :~)


Thanks Amanda Marie! Ya, I like the rock, now trying to figure out what corals and how to place them. Most of the rock "peaks". "Not a lot of plateau". But I do like the depth that the aqua scape brings, inhabitants seem to stay out and about more as well.

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