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Setting up a sump - first time ever, questions


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I have a brand spanking new almost 60 gallon tank, ('16 by '18 by '48) and I am going to setup a sump for the first time ever. Soft coral and mushroom tank, so I don't want a lot of flow. Mostly I want this sump for growing cheato to keep my darned algae blooms under control. Don't need high flow for that I don't think...and it's probably going to be three feet from sump to overflow. Shouldn't have any sandstorms with less then 500 gph....I think.


My plan is as follows:






You are looking at a total sump noob, but I did find some good info using the search feature, and I think the above will do for what I want. Sump is going to be a 20 gallon long I think.


I want something plug and play.... So before I hit the checkout button am I missing anything?


Thanks in advance for any help!

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sounds good to me, but i would look into used overflow boxes (cheaper) and better pump (lower energy consumption).


also you need drain hoses and materials to make your baffles (acrylic, silicone, cutters etc)

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