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Bluezooaquatics: A+ shipping and service!


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Today I received my first order ever from bluezooaquatics.com. I ordered a small clam and a fuzzy dwarf lionfish, which took my LFS a month to tell me they couldn't find one.


Anyway, I had a few inquiries about time and adding items to the order all which were answered within the same day by email. I also called to confirm shipping times and the person I spoke to (Craig I believe) was extremely accommodating, and I commend him for not laughing at my ignorance of the California time zone difference.


Here is the package:


clam and fish came in individual bags, the extra space filled with air packs. All of this inside a Styrofoam box. Two heat packs were also stuck to the lid of the box. Finally, what I found convenient was the acclimation kit they sent, which was helpful since I had two livestock orders and only 1 drip line originally.


Here is the livestock, still quite shy!





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cool fish

Thanks! It was actually a Christmas present from my girlfriend, she prepaid the LFS to order one for me, but they hadn't found one as of Monday. So, I completed this order to ship Weds and there it was, my own fuzzy :)


PS, thanks for moving this mod, I could not find the darn correct forum!

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