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my 20L tank


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So I setup another one 2weeks ago.


2x Koralia nano 425gph

Fishneed it 30" 4x24

i am not sure about rock maybe 25lb

and about 20lb ish of sand




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Nice and clean!!! I like your scape with all the little caves. Good work! Does that light fixture have individual reflectors? Im looking into getting a 30'' inch fixture for my 20L.

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its sumpless..I am tired of sumps to much extra hassle. I only run a very small HOB once i a while if i stir up crap or to run a little carbon for a few days. other then that its just the 2 Koralia.

yea the fishneedit got individual reflectors..they are not the best I have seen but will be plenty for this size tank..I really couldnt beat the price of 125shipped with bulbs. its a very slick light and seems very well built..the packaging it was sent in was the best from ANY manufacture I have ever seen.

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