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How Many Snails, Crabs?


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It really doesn't matter because your hermits will kill each other and your snails. :lol:


Seriously, there are "rules" of thumb, but in my experience they are useless. Every tank if different depending on bio-load and husbandry. I have a 100 gal tank that is going on 6 years old with only 2 turbos and 2 hermits. I only have to clean the glass once every week or two - litterally. I also have a 9 gal that is about a year old that I have to clean the glass every day and blow the rocks off and I have a tons of hermits and snails in there. Reefcleaners.org has some "packages" for different size tanks that could be a good starting point, but I would just slowly add a CUC until your tank reaches a balance. If you add too many at once they will quickly eat up everything and then you will have to take them back to LFS or they will starve.

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i also agree with Flicker reefcleaners.org has certain packages or you can email him and give give certain spefics of your tank and he will help you decide what cuc you need for your setup

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Be cautious about hermits.

If they should suddenly "pair off" there is a chance they may go ape #### and kill all other hermits in the tank.

Thats what i experienced, my new hermits started to die one by one, until just the "two" remained... and i had witnessed them "mating" around the same time as well.

Coincidence? I think not!


As for snails.

Not too few and not too many, i have 5 Trochus snails in my 20 gal.

And they are ideal snails to keep together with hermits IMO.

They do not tolerate hermits at all.

If my hermits try to climb up on them or start prying the Trochuses will start snapping their shells around violently and literally hurling them off. :D

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