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anyone has experience with spot face tang

foothill reefer

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Try something smaller like a Convict or a small Kole tang. Of course plan on transfering it back to the LFS or to a larger tank when it gets to the larger side of medium. I have a blue tang in my 50Breeder and I'm probably returning him soon for a Convict tang. They are the most peaceful tangs and they are relatively small (still 8") in adulthood. The main issues are aggressiveness (due to small tank size) and bio load. IME it's mainly aggressiveness.


My tang is not aggressive per say but he wants to hang out w/ my clown fish all day. This annoys them and they are aggressive to him (at times, normally all is well) and they double team him to get their space. The tang could hassle another fish to the point of stress and then you may have a problem. My clowns are in no way stressed but a more succeptable fish may get that way.


I'm not really having issues, but I would like something more peaceful. I'm looking towards my future stock list and I want it to be trouble free. Maybe adding the tang last is also key.

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