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need a little help?


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I have a few questions about a light Im having built. It is going on my Solana that is 20*20*20. I am getting a 150(15k) my with 2 24 watt t 5. One t5 is 10k and the other Actinic. It is going to have 6 dimmable blue led. I have the option to get the my in a 250 for the same price. Are the 2 t5 enough or should I get 2 more added? Also is a 250 my too much? I will have the light hanging about 6-8" above the tank. I cannot hang it much higher than that. I have a 150(14k) right now. I need to make up my mind pretty quick, kinda of hard to do when I don't know what Im doing. Thank You for your help.

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