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Copepod Hatchery


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I have a 29 BC with a mandarin fish. He eats mysis and cyclo-peeze but I only feed 3 times a week. I'm worried he will not get enough food. I don't have a fuge so I setup a copepod hatchery in a small tank.


I added Cheato and tinted the water green with DT's. I put some tubes in for copepods to hide. The idea is when the pods start to grow in density, I will pull out the tubes and add to the display then replace with more DT water. I guess I should always keep the water a bit green. Every month I will probably change the water to keep quality high but filter out pods and place back in. Or change water if it crashes.


Anyone have experience or advice on this?? I just setup last night.



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I never set up a separate tank but I have a refugium connected to my tank teaming with copepods and amphipods. I also dose DT's. I just make sure when I crop my cheato i only take out 1/4 so they can repopulate. Otherwise your setup seems pretty sound. You could try a brine shrimp net when you water change. They can catch hatchling brine shrimp which are about the same size.

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