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Easy RSM 130 LED Retro


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I decided I wanted to replace the stock lighting in my RSM 130 due to heating issues. I replaced the older fans in the hood with the newer ones and still the temps stayed around 83-85. I didn't want to gut the hood in case I ever sell the tank and I don't know how to solder properly so I needed something easy to work with. On my Biocube 14 I have the Nano Customs 3.6 LED retro which is basically plug and play. I don't need lighting that strong though on this tank so I decided on 2 Ecoxotic Panorama Module 8000K/453nm Actinic Blue and 1 Stunner 6 watt 18-8000K 6-453nm Blue LED Strip.


As you can see in the picture, the 2 Panoramas fit inside the hood where the bulbs used to be. The only modification I had to make was to lower the LED moonlights by drilling holes about 1/2" lower then where they were. I did manage to break one of the LEDs however so I'll have to get a replacement bulb. I placed 2 sided sticky tape between the 2 modules and screwed them right into the reflector. The screws will need to be Dremeled off as they are too long. The wires can be run out the end of the reflector and you will need to Dremel an opening for the wires to run out the back of the hood. The usual dark spot near the upper front on these tanks is more noticeable with the LEDs so that's where the Stunner comes in. It doesn't completely get rid of the dark spot but it makes it less noticeable than it was with the stock lighting. I can also add Stunners along the edges in the future if I decide I want more light there.




Since the hood wasn't gutted, I still have it set to turn on the fans at the same time my powerstrip timer turns the lights on and the moon light(s) come on when the lights go off. The other photo is an unedited shot of how the lighting looks. It's pretty close in the picture to what I see when I look at it. Over all it cost less than my 3.6 LED upgrade and solves my heating issue. I moved a few softies to the tank to see how they do with the lighting. I know this isn't as cost effective as a DIY but for $250ish + 2 sided tape it's an option for the less electronically inclined.



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