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I have a BioCube 29 and recently changed some things. One of which is relevant to this thread.


I added a EcoXotic Panorama 453 nm strip with the 12 LED bulbs. Simply epoxied the mounting brackets onto the inner side of the front lid (for feeding access etc). Its holding very well, the strips do not appear to be at all wet (and are sealed more or less from moisture anyhow) and they have a perfect tilt due to the hood being a bit curved at that point, so they are directed kinda into the tank and down.


Let me start by saying I have the stock hood with PC lighting, 2x 10K white, 2x Actinic, with the 3 low power Moon light LEDs.


I had NO IDEA what the stuff in my tank actually looked like until last night. Its still an early tank so 1 clown and perhaps 5 different Zooanthid colonies (mostly just 2-10 head each). I had purchased some at stores, some from locals with frags to sell. I had what I thought were a bunch of kinda greenish brown, a few that were kinda orange and some dim reds... Turn on the Panorama module and oh my, oh my.


My Brown/green Zoas are brilliantly greenish, the orange ones have an unbelievable green/orange glowing tips with nuclear orange centers, the "red" ones are so bright that I can see them across the room (all are this way). I HAD NO IDEA. The Stock BioCube lighting is great, for what it is, but for 99 bucks you will not believe what you are seeing. UNBELIEVABLE. Its worth twice that just to show off what you have.


Now I only wish I knew what I had in terms of names... is there a Zoa guide anywhere so I can compare and see whats in there... no one had names or I forgot. Too many "green meanies" Nuclear this and whatever thats.


I will start a tank thread and post link here some time (I hope tonight).. with PICS! If I can get them to look like they do to the eye.


Am I the only one that didn't know that all those brownish things are incredibly beautiful

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I really like my 453 nm Panorama... everything glows so brilliantly when it is on. As far as zoa identification, check out www.zoaid.com. You'll have to sign up for a membership I think, but there is a huge list of zoas with names and multiple pictures.

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It is SOOOOO hard to photograph with only this thing on. I don't have a nice camera, but I've tried with my crappy P&S and my droid2.

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It is SOOOOO hard to photograph with only this thing on. I don't have a nice camera, but I've tried with my crappy P&S and my droid2.




its really hard to take pics of this spectrum with amateur equipment..

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I think its going to be tough, the strip is SOO Bright its probably going to kill the exposure. But I will play around and post results. I was going to take pics last night, but since the tank is now getting to the point I am thinking about adding some more expensive LPS (Frog spawn, Hammer etc) I decided to move some rock around (last chance) (third or fourth itteration) and spent way too long doing so and generally messing up the water so I never did take pics. I will post tonight late with results. I may be able to get a filter that will cut our the strip, which may or may not help. I have a Nikon D200 so I can play with things a lot more than a typical point and shoot, maybe maybe I will get something worth sharing. In either case, I will post the results (miserable or great).


Curious, now that were on the topic, are there any experienced photogs that can give me some pointers as my camera is more or less functionally (in this instance) identical to a pro model in terms of playing with exposure, apperature, ISO, shutter speed etc..... Pointers please...

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Nice pics, nice lights!


I see you drilled your lid. I was thinking about this when I laid out the epoxy, I may yet drill through the epoxy to pit a very small stainless fitting on... battles self over asthetics v.s. 100 dollar light taking a bath...


Epoxy is strong right :huh:


I guess I will tug on it a bit... not getting beat on and it weighs nothing...


Inspired for pics this evening.

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I drilled just to be safe. I added cabinet knobs to the top also for more safety. I actually like the look. You could cut the screws down and put on a nut or buy screw sleeves in black. Endless possibilities.

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Here is a pic taken under pure EcoXotic 453 nm strip, its blue and slightly under exposed but you get the idea. I need to get a filter (I am guessing this or photoshop is the secret). The Pods are much brighter than this shows and in fact the one on top is much brighter than any others... I will play and if I get better pics post in my tank thread.


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So, an acknowledgment to the prior post indicating they had used cabinet type knobs to secure the sutnner to the internal lid of their BC29. I note that my epoxy job split off the plastic lid (its flexible and its was kinda stuck so I pulled on it.... and the stunner bailed out). I now have a stunner permanently affixed to Z-lid via cabinet knobs. Which looks just fine. I also note, although not water proof the stunner is designed with gaskets and such to keep all possible water out of the LED area. A quick (like 1 second) dunk resulted in a drop or two inside so I took the screws out, dried out offending drop, reassembled and used aquarium silicone to go over the wiring and the gasket between the plastic "lens" and the body, so it should now be even less prone to water intrusion, not that its falling in again :D


Epoxy was firmly stuck on stunner mounts, but completely and entirely sheared off lid (you could not even tell I had ever mounted it that way). I had to use a pair of pliers to remove most of it from the stunner mount. Thankfully the lid is easy to remove and mounting the stunner took about 5 minutes, just hold it down, drill each side, add screw, screw on cabinet knob and back in tank.


Additional note, screws provided on cabinet knobs assume about 1/2 inch thick cabinet, lid is about 1/8 so they will not tighten enough. I have tools required to cut them easily to length while preserving threads.. if you dont you better purchase some short screws prior to coming home or its back to home depot for you :P

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Good job. Now you can sleep at night. You are correct about the screws. I just used a hacksaw and cut them down, but shorter screws would be easier.

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