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Do Sulfur DeNitrators Go Bad?


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i made a DIY sulfur denitrater been using it 6-9 months

easy to keep tuned in and working great.


occasionally had to recycle it forgot to do sometihng that made me recycle it. which takes a few days no big deal.


Lately i seem to be getting a bunch of hair algae and Byprosis.

-replaced my gfo in the reactor thinking it was that.

-noticed a smell and no matter what it has been over a week and it wont get tuned in and always smells now.


could it be too much gunk has made it into the reactor? i have never taken it apart and cleaned it. i have enough media to replace everything like 5 times should i just empty the reactor and replace everything? does it stop working after a while?


absolutely love my reactor but this smell has to go .

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all day 0 responses.


well i think i found the source of the smell. my brittle star that has been in my sump for 6 months got 3 of his legs stuck in the pump of my skimmer and they were dead/dying i uthenised him over half his body was dead/dying and he had open wounds. thinking he might be contributing to my gha and byprosis outbreak. running a nitrate reactor and GFO i should have had this crazy outbreak. hopefully i can put a chokehold on this algae.

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