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Thanks to those who helped answer my first questions on purchasing an established BC29. I did, and it's coming along nicely! It has aprox. 35-40lbs. live sand (20lbs. added to the top of existing) and about 50 - 60lbs. well established LR. It's been going for about 5 weeks and contains a pair of tr clowns (ocil.), 2 chromis (coming out), 1 yellow banded opposum wrasse, 1 Yellow Watchman Gobie, 1 cleaner shrimp, 15 hermit, 2 Turbo snails. (All livestock is new).

I want to add a skimmer and have heard that the CPR skimmer made for the BC29 is the way to go.......anyone been using one for awhile? What's your take on this skimmer?



-As soon as I figure out how to attach some photos, I will.

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