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New 29G BioCube for Saltwater, Any pointers


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I just got my first salt-water tank set up last night, and I have read a lot into this whole adventure about mods for the cube and different things to look/watch for. I am wanting to do both reef and fish !

I am open for any pointers, and will try to get pics up soon.


As of now, I have about 20 lbs of live sand, 20.6 lbs of live rock, and everything is stock so far.


Any help would be awesome. :)

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The Biocube resource guide in my sig is going to be your best place to check into what has worked for most.

:welcome: and +1 to the about comment. Research as much as you can and things will go much smoother.

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Im reading everything I can find, and trying to learn fast.. Its an exciting process, much more interesting than my freshwater tank ! (I still love my freshwater though)

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I have the peice cut out between 1st and 2nd chamber, helps the flow a lot better. And Just added my heater to chamber one, and its working great.

Ive had a few new critters come from my Live Fiji rock, I dont know what they are, some are these inch long clear worm looking things coming from openings in the rock... Does anyone know what this is??

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I also woke up this morning to find a starfish looking guy crawling around on the bottom on my tank. Little body with long black arms. Pretty awesome !

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