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stock tips for a 10g reef


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hi i'm starting a 10gal reef,


so far i've got 3 hermits and 2 turbo snails, 7kg live rock and half inh of live sand. just wondered how many hermits and snails are recommended and how many fish i can have. i'm intending on adding corals soon.


i'd like to keep:


5 sexy shrimp

1 cleaner shrimp

1 yellow tailed damsel

1 bangai cardinal, or 1 common clownfish

1 prawn or neon goby.


is a starfish possible, and if so what type?


i really don't want to end up over stocking and have read that stock goes 1 inch per gallon, but also heard it goes by the surface area.



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I might not want to get the damsel, they are aggressive. As with starfish I think your tank is too small for one, it would disturb your corals and stuff. You can try to get those micro bristle stars which usually come as a hitch hiker. There like 1/4 of an inch.

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Also sounds like too many shrimp. Maybe just a cleaner shrimp. Not sure if cleaners and sexys mix.. BTW if you plan to keep corals, your shrimps will probably step on them and irritate them.

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ok... might skip the damsel and the sexies and go for clown, goby and cleaner... have a bit of time to think about it yet as its not ready for fish just yet, as i want to do the corals first before adding fish or would you suggest a fish first then coral?



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