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Cleanner Shrimp or Mystery Wrasse?


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I'v been having a lot of trouble trying to spot freed my LPS lately. My cleaner shrimp just goes around and steals all the food out from the corals mouths. A friend Just took down a 135g and gave me his mystery wrasse, witch is in my sump as we speak. I was wondering Just how important a shrimp is for a reef tank because if I put the wrasse in my tank he will destroy the shrimp.


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I don't have a cleaner shrimp in my tank anymore. It died and my tank has been fine and completely stable. Mystery Wrasse are awesome, I'd sacrifice a shrimp to get one for free. They are normally over $100.


Also, X2 on the cleaners ripping food out of coral mouths. That always annoyed me, now I have harlequins that won't steal shrimp.

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I would love to get a mystery wrasse for free. That shrimp would become a cocktail for the wrasse in no time! :P


do the wrasse...but someone please fix the title...."Wrasse"...not "wrasp"


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Haha. My bad on the spelling. It also should have been under the invet. Forum. I was really tired last night when I posted.


Thanks for the info everyone. Going to put the mystery in my tank now.

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