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18 LEDs in a nanotuners large array


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so i would LOVE to switch to LEDs for my biocube. I need to keep the cover so I cant do MHs and lets face it LED is the way to go.


24 LEDs is going to put me over my budget. I have about $200 to upgrade my lights. 18 LEDs would keep me under budget but I dont know if there will be dark spots in my tank.


I only want to keep LPS and softies, no SPS, clams etc. so I dont need a whole ton of light. I just want to get the good color/growth out of my softies.



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18 will be fine in a bc29. You might have slight banding, but I bet you would hardly notice. Worse case, add the next 6 later if you fine that 18 isn't enough.


If you you only do 18, do 12 rb and 6 nw.

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For an extra $100 you can do the 3.6 LED retro kit.


Another option could be adding the 3.36 or the 4.36 kit and switching to the PC-R bulbs? This may be good if you're only planning on lps and softies.

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