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RO water from water store


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OK i went to my local water store and asked if it was reverse - osmosis water and the lady said yeah but she didnt look like what she was talking about. only thing i saw that says purified water. i know it has low ppm in it but i just want to make sure its ok to change my water with using this water.


I am being extremely paranoid on my tank.

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what is a water store?




i little shop with lots of machines where u place buckets under and u pay by the gallon hahaha.


it's a lot better than a water vending machine.




The last water shop i drove by sold bongs and pipes... LOL

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I use RO water from a water store. I just make sure to test it with a tds meter. I will invest in a RODI unit one of these days.



Where in store can i buy a tds meter?


Also what am i testing for?

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I told you to just go to supermarket and get distilled water. The water from the water stores don't have pure TDS. I tested it already years ago. It's just filtered pretty much.

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if you live in texas, "agua" stores are quite common. for some reason, the mexicans from down south seem to think that our superior american tap water is dangerous to drink (loco). and in the city i live in, we are actually ranked somewhere near the top in tap quality and taste. the water from my sink tastes great, but my buddy in ft. worth, well his water has a strange finish to it. i would never use my tap water for tank water, but it's damn fine to drink.

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Most water & ice type stores have pretty good water for RO only. Better than unmanned vending machines. See if the vendor will test the TDS or conductivity for you while you are watching, most are happy to do so when they understand what you are using it for.

We have water stores on about every major corner in Phoenix and they do a heck of a business, who would have thought something like this 25 years ago?

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I just went to walmart and bought 5 gal jugs of distilled water. They have their purified water thats RO processed but figured the distilled is better.

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Here's my take on the ro water thing. I own an ro-di unit but haven't used it for the last 6mo or so. With the water rejection ratio so high I saw it as a waste of money driving my utility bills up pretty high. Instead there is a water vending machine outside the local grocery mart down the block that is serviced everyday. On day a week I get enough water for top offs and wc's and it is under 5 bucks compared to like sixty five.

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I have done many calculations on making RO/DI and its effect on your water bill.

Phoenix rates are right up there with most of the nation and it figures out to less than 5 cents per gallon of treated water every time I figure it and thats using the highest summer rates.

That number includes the water rate, sewer rate, taxes, mandates and tariffs and the cost of replacement filters and DI resins. It also includes the 4 gallons that go down the drain. Pretty darn cheap if you ask me!

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