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Thanks again Crakeur!

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Dear Crakeur,


Ok, I am adding an additional 15 lbs. to my order of LR. That should make it 20 lbs. of live rock for my 20 gallon tank.


Q: I am not ready to spend on the lighting. Can you provide me with a list of corals/polyps that will tolerate low light?





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If you plan on upgrading your lights sometime in the future, you need to be real careful about what you put in now. Some low light corals and inverts might not tolerate higher lighting later on and you might not be able to move them to a darker part of the tank when the time comes.


You might be better off positioning your new live rock (make sure it's fully cured before ordering it) and just enjoying the life that comes with the rock for the time being. Save up for the lights, you will be very pleased with your options once you have those lights.


Besides, live rock can be real fun to watch. You'll be very surprised with the amount of life that is buried within those rocks.

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Hey Crakuer,


The LR is fully cured. But am having problems ordering it from PetWarehouse...apparently, the FIJIAN government is craking down on its export of LR, can you believe it!


In any case, I will go ahead and purchase a powerhead for the time being.


Thanks for all the info..kisses




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yeah they are having problem with the Fijian Government. you can try getting marshalls since they are less dense. cant you just go to the LFS and get it from them.

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It's not jsut the Fijian government. There are other problems right now, too. The airlines have reduced the number of flights from the south pacific, for security cost reasons. And are switching to smaller planes when possible, for profit margin reasons. Which means there's a lot less cargo capacity from the south pacific right now.


Marshall, Tonga, and Fiji rock, as well as fish that are found primarily in their waters, are all seeing a drop in availability and a rise in cost.


Try gulf-view.com for your rock. Unlike all the south pacific stuff, reefs don't get destroyed in the collection of their rock. It's light-weight, and high-quality stuff.



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