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AIO trashcan Is Down (~2 years) From Nov 2010 to Dec 2012

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yea that

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Insane Acan's. I just recently got my first one and I definately want to add to the collection.

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Update on my two Mandarins(green and spotted)


I had to give my Green Mandarin away. Recently the two Madarins in my tank have been fighting a lot. The spotted Mandarin is being a b*tch. I fear the constant kissing/pecking will not benefit either in the long run. She now resides happily in my buddy's tank.


Long story short, I wanted to get the Spotted Mandarin out, but i couldn't catch it without tearing the tank apart. Though I managed to get the green on easy.


Parting shot


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I am sorry to hear you had to part with one. But at least you know he is being taken care of.

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A few submissions for newagereefs' photo contest.


Purple trees



Fish, Star, and Thorns



Dark, everything is so dark



Just another reef in Lincoln Nebraska


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i wish I saw this before I just setup my 33L frag tank. would have been nice to hide the skimmer tank. Maybe i will make one that is just held in place by a rock or magnet or something.. just to cover up the unsightly pump/return from the skimmer

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hitch-hiked thingy....



cool colorful thingies






more bleh



more thingies


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ugly thingies



Red Star of thorns...



It's not dead!



Star thorn of Red out and about...


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After 8 months of "under-feeding", I've finally upgraded from that chitty SeaClone 100





I'm still getting used to the size of this thing. It's pretty big.




I got this Eshopps PSK-100H in yesterday and i'm running it on the wet side. Great skimmer for the price so i don't need to say a whole lot. Though there are a few minor issues that i want to point out.


First, one of the bracket shipped unattached. The bottom one out of the 2 that holds the intake tube. There were no damage present on the box it came in and packaging was good. This had to be a defect from eshopps or mishandled from the online retailer. Either way, I had to wait a few hours for the glue to dry before setting it up. You know how impatient people can get when they've just received something in the mail; this small defect can be a frustrating setback.


Second, prior to start up, I gave it a good look-over. After taking out the needle wheel, I noticed a few burs that require trimming. Also the venturi port had some burs/plastic shavings that require removal. These are the only minor issues i saw. Micro bubbles are still present but very minimal. Maybe a few more days for breaking in.




Skimmate; 30 hours after initial setup.



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48 hours after initial setup.




Yes i know, my tank is pretty nasty. I haven't had a water change in a while and went skimmerless/carbonless for the past month. It also went through a mini cycle/crash/bacteria bloom. Whatever it was, the tank was cloudy for a few days. Lesson learned; Don't have too many people over, don't get chitty drunk, don't let girls near your tank, and don't leave the lights on over it's intended light duration just to show off to your guest.

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nice tank and those eshopps are work horses! I have the psk-75 version and I also get that skimmate every 2 days, my chaeto stopped growing because of this lol.

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Great tank!!

I love the simplicity of the set-up.

What is your typical top off/water change schedule like?

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I really like your duncan surrounded by the GSP. Mine has Xenia all around it and the colors are too similar. I think I will move up my GSP instead.

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