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Feeding Clown Fish?


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I have 2 clown fish that seem to be hungry all the time. I am using Rod's fish food. I break off some and mix it with some water from the tank. After it dissolves a little I pour it in. Man everything in the tank goes nuts. How many times a day should I feed the fish?

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I feed my clowns rod's food every other day and flakes in between days. I feed them about a penny sized chunk of rod's and a small pinch of flakes. Clowns are pigs but they don't need to be fed more than once a day. Most will tell you to feed just every other day. All the food you put in should be gone within a couple of minutes.


Don't overfeed, it will cause you lots of problems.

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Every other day, or you will start seing algae go crazy. They always seem hungry but their not, they just want to eat like crazy. Also try mixing up with different foods too, imagine if you only ate chicken all the time, you would get sick of it after a while i'd think.


I'm not familiar with Rod's Fish Food, but if it is brine shrimp, then there is basically no nutritional value in it, so you will for sure want to try something else.

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