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Dustin11's 60gal Cube

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This is my 60 gallon cube reef.

I've taken what I've learned from my time on NR and am making a proper reef thread for it.

This is the head page.

Some past pictures will be in the posts below :)












1x maroon clown

1x six line wrasse

1x bangaii cardinal

1x sailfin tang


1x large black brittle star

Many small brittle stars

Many stomatella and limpets

Many hermits, red and blue legged


Torch Coral


Assorted Mushrooms

Assorted Zoanthids

Majano Anemones

Some kind of Favite coral

Some kind of leather coral



60 gallon Marineland Cube

Mesh top for the summer, glass top for the winter

250W 14k Hamilton MH lighting

14 gallon DIY sump


AquaC remora pro skimmer

BRS two chamber media reactor

seachem phosphate media

chemi-pure elite

Marineland shatterproof heater

Coralife powerstrip digital timer

Battery powered air pump backup

Peristaltic pump for B-Ionic calcium and carbonate supplements


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Since this thread is being made after the tank began, I will post some history from the tank :)

In pictures of coarse ;)


First off, my previous tanks (disassembled)

33gal long,

this was the tank that most of the rock and sand came from to populate my 60 gallon cube.




This is my old biocube 14,

the inhabitats from here along with the rock and sand also went into the 60gallon cube. In retrospect, I should have never torn this tank down :(

Alas I did because I am determined to only have 2 tanks, and I wanted to start up a Fluval EDGE :)




The genesis of the 60gal cube, moving everyone in!!!! YAY!!!!




This is the reef rack that I built to hold all my LR and corals.




And here are the first shots after the reef structure is built and everyone is moved in, the first full tank shots ;)





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Nice tank, how much was the tank and where did you get it

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Thanks everybody!



The tank was $200 and the stand was $300

Its Marineland.

I think its fairly common and you can get any fish store to order it for you :)

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Pretty awesome looking scape. Nice looking euphyllia in the rock pile pick.

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Thanks am looking for a new tank and 500 is around my range. Can you show pics of your filtration?

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As requested, here are some pictures of my filtration.

Its actually kind of embarrassing, there is a reason its all hidden underneath a cabinet :) its ugly!!!!

I actually have plans to completely redo my sump, building a sump DIY style where everything fits and I can implement a lot of changes. I am going to do a complete redesign based on my new found knowledge over the last year :)

First off I want to show off the ATO reservoir. Its the blue glass vase on the right side of the aquarium. It holds about 15 gallons of RO/DI water. It has a small clear airline hose going from it to my ATO pump and sensor.




On the left hand side of my tank is where I house most of my electronics. They are mostly held in this fairly open wooden box. It has a lot of ventilation as you can see. This ensures that it doesn't overheat and also stays very dry. Since its in the shadow most of the equipement doesn't show threw either :)






And now to the under-cabinet rats nest ;)

On the right side of the cabinet you can see my ATO system, its a pressure valve sensor hooked upto an Aqualifter pump. You can also see my BRS dual chamber media reactor. Its sitting on a empty New Amsterdam gin bottle to obtain a reasonable height ;)




In the back you can see that I have a AquaC remora pro skimmer. Its currently making a ton of very light skimmate, I'm looking into this....

The side of my sump has a normal 6500k CF spotlight fixture from Lowes. This illuminates my macro's and is a on a reverse daylight schedule. On the left side you can also see my peristaltic pump which doses B-Ionic calcium and bicarbonate supplements. Also on the left hand side is my first attempt at quieting the water flowing into the sump. I've since learned about the reverse-durso style inlet and will be replacing this soon.



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It look good to me, I really dnt care much about wat my filtration looks like just as long as the main display looks good and you have a great display. Keep up the good work

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Very very nice aqua-scape. If you could hide the PH cords it would be more artistic then it already is

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These pictures are actually pretty old now. I've since painted the entire back side black!

I'll post some new pictures tomorrow, promise :)

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Update pictures ;)








My dogs always think i want to take pictures of them :)




I completely redid my sump! Everything is easier to get to a clean now.







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So I'm really wanting to add some actinic supplementation onto this tank but I can't decide how I want to do it. I'm thinking of adding about 40 watts of either leds, PC, or T5HO's....

I'm thinking about half 460nm and half 420nm if I can swing it.

The main concern that I'm having right now is how to add them in an aesthetically pleasing way. My single MH pedant makes adding alternate light fixtures difficult.

Does anyone have a good idea on how to add some good actinics to this setup?

Thanks in advance! :)

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Over Christmas break I spent some days with my parents and started building my new LED lighting system while I was there and had access to my fathers machine shop. It is not finished yet but here is a preview of the main fixture. Now I just need to work in all the electronics and wiring :)

right now I just have 12 XR-E RB's with 80 degree optics. I will put six on each fixture. After I evaluate them I will order the rest of the lights and drivers necessary to completely replace my 250W MH. All recomendations welcome. Especially related to optics and type and number of LED's ;) Thanks!






What do you think!?

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can you take a pix of the underside, and an exploded view with the end caps unscrewed?



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Here are some more updates for my LED actinic fixtures. They are up and running now. Enjoy :)

















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Did you paint those housings for the leds?.....i liked them raz but look even better flat black....flip one over whiles its on lets see the layout....nice machining work...

Edited by jrock4224

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Thanks! Machining the fixture I can do well. Soldering the LED's, not so much :) I initially don't have pictures of the LED's so as not to show off my bad soldering skills, I solder like a drunk baboon!!!!

Since asked though, I'll have pictures of the undersides and the LED's tomorrow. .

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That is an awesome aquascape. How did you secure the rock to the PVC?

Finished th LED fixture yet, im real interested.


I had no idea how many 60cubes and 45s there were around. It is like a Marineland Cube Club!

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Thanx! I should be finishing my led lights this weekend. I got the rest of the led's in and now i'm just waiting for some free time to put them :)

I ordered 14 neutral white cree xp-g's

These will complement my 24 royal blue cree xr-e's nicely!

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What size sump are you using?


Pics of the LEDs are required, too. :)



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