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The Brown Algae FAQ & id thread(Phylum Phaeophyta)

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The purpose of this thread is to provide a dedicated discussion of these specific macros. please feel free to ask questions about identification, husbandry, growth, & potential for their use in a planted tank.

the major factor in differentiation of the macro algae's is the color. caused by the amount & type of chlorophyll present. this is then influeced by accessory pigments. this combination determines not only color but the ability to survive & compete with other fauna at a given depth. as depth in cresses the amount & type of light becomes increasingly diminished with wavelengths at the blue end of the spectrum being the one's to penetrate the deepest. with the algae responding by shifting to either a red or brown form.







types of chlorophyll

(well this is where the guy that was naming them proves to have no imagination, at least they had fun naming the quarks.)


they brake down as chlorophyll A, B, C D & F.




accessory pigments

such as phycoerythrin are not as efficient in photosynthesis as chlorophyll. but in lower orders may be the only light capturing protein present. (Bactria) while in higher orders extend the range of wavelengths over which light can drive photosynthesis. (our macro's)




by now you either geeking out with me or wondering what the hell this has to do with our tanks.

one of the most often asked ? so far is what type of bulb should i be using .

hopefully by understanding the algae & how it is colored. lighting it will become easier.








sorry for the work in progress but wanted to get these started.

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