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What books would you guys recommend a beginner/newbie should look into and start reading? :)

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tullock's Natural Reef Aquarium


goldstein's Marine Reef Aquarium


and of course, delbeek & sprung's Reef Aquarium I & II

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You and Your Aquarium by: Dick Mills AWESOME all around Aq. book

The New Marine Aquarium by: Mike Palletta VERY BASIC to someone of advanced skill to read, but written simple and easy to follow for a beginner.


The Tetra Encyclopedia of THE MARINE AQUARIUM: by Dick Mills

Again an awesome book by Sir. Mills. packed with great info..

although a tad outdated.


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try ~clownfishes and sea anemones~(its got a lot of info on set up compatible fish ect..) its by barron's

another one is ~your first marine aquarium~ also from barron's


good luck

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Marine Reef Aquarium, Dr. J Goldstein. Tons of good information.



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