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Cultivated Reef

Protect a reef and buy farmed coral :)

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Hello NR,


As one of your newest sponsors, we just wanted to take a moment and explain who we are and what we hope to accomplish.


Simply put, we are hobbyist. Well I suppose that's not technically true but that's how we feel on the inside. We are not selling coral to make money. We are selling coral because we love this hobby. For nearly 15 years we have been in love with keeping reef tanks. Over that time, are appreciation and concern for the natural reefs has grown. It has become more and more difficult to ignore the failing conditions of the natural reefs all over the world. It's because of this love and knowledge that we farm coral. Farmed coral lessens the demand on our already fragile reefs. Not only that, but it is accustomed to living in a fish tank versus the large stable ocean. As a result, farmed coral is hardier, healthier, and often times much prettier then stressed wild coral.


We have decided to offer nano reef a 10% sale to kick things off. This sale is in addition to many corals that are already on sale and is good thru the end of the month. Simply enter this code in the appropriate box during checkout...



We hope that you will take advantage of this sale and select from are large variety of aquacultured coral and maxi/mini anemone's.


Thank you for your time!

Cultivated Reef




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