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August 2010 - Sushi

Christopher Marks

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The use of free space is outstanding. It's easy to just pack a tank to the brim. It's significantly more difficult to scape sparsely and come out with an amazing tank like this.

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wow the RB thing threw me off guard, but that's neat!


Sure was painful in the beginning where I had no corals but after everything grew in I can't say I wasn't a happy camper :)

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Capt. Jack Sparrow

Wow!! I am a three month old new-bee and your photos have given me great inspiration! I have had great success with my 14 gallon Bio-Cube so far (close to four months now). I have re-arranged my live rock to a less cluttered look, and I like the look already. I have quite a few soft corals and I hope to match the look of your tank. I hate to be a copy-cat, but then, I think of a comparison: In the world of rock n' roll, how many great bands copied Steven Tyler with the scarfs wrapped around the microphone stand as well as all the other stuff! Ha! Thanks so much for the photos and the creativity that has inspired me! Awesome job!!!

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WOW simply wow im only 2 and a half months into this and am setting up a 20g nano reef and hope that one day my tank will look as good as yours!

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Thanks guys, aquascaping is tough, but remember to always scape with coral placement in mind.


I remember when I used to pile rocks on top of each other and once corals start growing it's really hard to thin out your rock-work. So, your best method to achieving a good balance is to scape with slightly less rock than you originally anticipate, and build your "skeleton" with a rough idea of your coral placement.

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Now this is my kind of tank.! Great aquascape. It's always exiciting to see something other than a rock mound or wall.

Great job!

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