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My tank came in! 18G long/shallow rimless

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Hello everyone,


I had initially been planning something quite different but my girlfriend surprised me for our anniversary and got me a tank made! She didn't even ask dimensions. Just went for it. B)


I think it's perfect and I've listed some of things I have planned for it:


36L x 12.5D x 10H


It's about 19 gallons or so..but we'll call it 18 because I'm afraid of prime numbers :P


I attached some pictures of the unboxing. I haven't even seen it yet. It's from glass-cages and it was custom made for her order. They couldn't deliver because they cancelled a show in NC so they just covered the rest of the shipping costs themselves.



Custom arduino based controller (temperature, ATO, dawn/dusk dimming, logging, alarms, dosing, eventually PH and wave control)


26 CREE LEDs (half blue half cool white) run at roughly 700-900mA run off meanwell drivers


Custom to-be-built stand


2 Koralia nanos (450gph)


AquaClear70 for surface agitation / carbon / where the feed lines will be routed for dosing and ATO (maybe cheato in the long run)


100W ebo heater


Around Thanksgiving I'll be getting a skimmer. Haven't quite decided on this yet and it will depend on the stand (if it can hang off the back of the tank or not)




So I'm open to suggestions for anything you want to give me!


I've got all the controller stuff in the mail and I've got flowcharts for all the code so I just need to make it all happen.


If anyone else is working on a controller I'd love to bounce ideas around.




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You're girlfriend is the coolest.

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Looks like it is gonna be a sweet tank. I love long shallow tanks.

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I'm home in Raleigh, NC and have the tank! It's awesome. Long and shallow. I order 26 LEDS (13 - royal blue and 13 cool white) and two meanwell drivers today so I should be getting things going in the next few weeks. I hope to build the stand next week as well as finish all the coding for the controller. The heatsink should be in sometime next week as well so I can start mounting everything.


I'll update!

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