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Jeffro's 50 g build.

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38 lbs live rock 22 lbs dry rock

40 lbs of fine sand


1 helfrichi firefish

1 spotted mandarin trained on frozen

1 yellow clown goby

1 sharknose goby



Pair of harlequin shrimp

Two pompom crabs which appear to reproduce often. My one is always carrying eggs.

Two peppermint shrimp

1 porcelain crab

1 gold coral banded shrimp

Various snails and hermits as a cuc

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A wide variety of zoas

Green frogspawn


1 frag of acans

Cloves buttonsand a lot of other common corals




50 breeder with custom 20 long sump

Octopus 110 skimmer

Chemipure elite

Filter socks

Chaeto and chalpura

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I'll pull up a few. I'm doing this all from an IPhone. So bare with me all.

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Never tried to raise them. It seems like a lot of work and I'm focused on other things rite now. I'm still working on this setup and expecting a little one very soon.

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Thanks! I def love the hobby started with a biocube 14 six months ago and couldn't help myself from going bigger. I've read alot on your 125 build and that's kina what I'm doing with my tank as well. I forgot to list some of my inverts. But there def awsome and I'm basing my fish on them.

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Yes my 125g thread is quite the thread.


I'll make a new thread when I add water. I bet that thread is extremely helpful to beginners. SO many topics where covered an discussed. It'll become a Thread of Knoweledge and I'll try to find excellent conversations.

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This site was a huge help. I've been reading and exploring threads for months. I started about last October reading up in preparation of starting a tank up.


So when do you think it'll be up?

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Yes this site turned this hobby into an obssesion... An awesome Obsession B)


Probably around August.

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So animalmaster guess I can't enter your 40 gal or less contest )-;

It's cool. Next week I have a chance to get a Dracula goby for a great price. Thinking I might do it. Has anyone here had experience whit them? Are they a friendly goby? Will it cause any trouble for inverts? Thanks.

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They are a very peaceful goby just expensive haha. They are very similar to the Hi Fin Red Banded Goby.

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I'm getting it at a great price. I think I'm def grabbing it up. It's been in the store for over a month now. So the owner said he'd give me a good price. What do they usually go for?

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Wow! That's great!


I'm not sure if it's the norm at all though. That's LA's price so I'm pretty sure it's the norm.

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