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Coral Vue Hydros

chaeto DOA (and a bonus q- snails in chamber 2?)


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Pretty sure the heatwave took out the cheato while it was in transit via USPS. About 90% of my sandwich bag sized portion is very light green from dehydration, the rest is normal dark green. I put it in some clean saltwater I had left over from my last WC, which is being circulated and heated to 78 degrees...


I've got grape algea in my 2nd chamber of my BC that I planned to toss out and replace w the chaeto... think I should toss the chaeto in with it? Trim the light green off first? Throw out the whole batch and order new stuff?


Until I get advice, its all staying in the bucket and away from my beloved fish tank. Haha.


Also, another random thought... does anyone put snails in their 2nd chamber to clean up? There's a significant amount of coraline and other algae growing on my fuge window, and I'm curious to know if everyone keeps that part of their biocubes clean manually only.

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im in south florida and its hotttttttt here and my chaeto survived being outside for a few hours after the trip and it was fine once i put it in my tank... and yes i also throw snails in my second chamber to do whatever they want so to speak

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