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What is the name of the lighting fixture?


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I've seen this silver lighting fixture that has an arm that looks like it clips on the edge of the tank. usually its on small tanks. I've seen it on several tanks on this forum but can't seem to find it now. any ideas what its called?

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It's similar to the clip-on PC fixture used on JBJ picotopes.


What are the dimensions of your tank?


Watts alone aren't good indicators of good or bad lighting when you're discussing different bulbs (i.e. PC fluorescents vs. T5HO fluorescents on the nova extremes). For small/shallow tanks, PCs are usually sufficient for most corals; although, bulb options are limited.


What kind of corals are you interested in keeping?

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I'm not sure what the dimensions of my tank are, but it's just a standard 5.5 gallon


I keep all softies in my 10g, so I was thinking about doing something different in this tank, maybe sps. In which case...would the 18" nova extreme be enough? or would I need a metal halide fixture?

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