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Thinking of placing a order from reefs2go.com-anyone have some feed back on them? I did a seach and found some older threads, so I figured since it'd been a while I'd post my own -_- .

Thanks guys!

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i've had them recommended to me, I plan to make an order in the future, probably in a month or so. I'm most interested in hearing from others too.

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Reef Diver

I've made a few orders with them. They are really good people. It's a small family business and customer satisfaction is Very important to them. I've had some issues with them being out of stock of pellets, frozen mysis, and a couple crabs. They have always been very prompt with setting up the coupon codes to redo the order. They even threw in the upgraded version of the pellets I ordered (from 100g to 400g!) And since then they've added a new person to handle customer service and to keep the site consistently up to date so I'd bet it isn't much of a problem anymore. That recently added 2 week arrive alive stay alive guarantee is also nice (especially combined with the free shipping within FL!)


I've gotten almost all my snails, hermits, my peppermint shrimp, and my anemone crab through them. I lost my anemone shrimp in my last order recently to hard shipping and couldn't find the body (maybe it's still alive?) to get it replaced but I'm sure they would have stood behind it. Everything was packed in a styrofoam cardboard box, individually bagged by type, and being summer had an ice pack. They also include tubing for drip acclimation.


If I get any other inverts I'll definitely check them out first. Good stuff.

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I ordered there a few weeks back...great packaging and fast shipping to :)

They were outta Pom Pom crabs so I have a $20 credit there


Free Shipping in Florida too!!!!

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I've played 3 orders with them (fish & cleanup crew), and have been happy each time. They have a great email that goes out with constant special buys.



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I made an order from them and was very pleased. The customer service is some of the best i've dealt with and the coral frags arrived in great condition.

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I recently ordered with reefs2go. fish arrived with ich. survived tho. their prices are great tho, and cant beat free shipping to FL

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