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lighting advice


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Hi all


I'm in the planning stages of a new custom 28g tank 30x18x12 and i'm considering a T5HO 4x24w or a MH 70w or a 150w from fishneedit. I know all of these are adequate. My question is which is best? of the MH can i get away with a 70w for SPS o clams? or should i get a 150w pendant? would it add too much heat to the water if i hang it?



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If you go with MH, you will need 2 x 150w or 2 x 70w to cover the 30" length.

Otherwise it'll look funny.

70w MH would be adequate because of how shallow the tank is.

If you hang it and have it well ventilated and have decent A/C in your house, you should be able to keep temps under control.


Of course I always prefer T5HO over MH, but that's me.

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Thanks for the replies


One other question, if i modify the tank dimensions to 30x16x16 would the 70w MH still have enough punch to keep sps and clams? or at this depth should i increase to a 150w MH?

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I would do 150w MH at that depth.


At 12", either lighting option would be fine. If you were to use metal halide, I'd recommend 2 lamps for that tank length. Otherwise, a 4 lamp 24" T5 fixture would work. For the space, the 150w lamps would be arguably brighter, depending on the type of lamp and reflector. You would be looking at around the same as far as replacement lamp costs go. Ongoing costs will be lower with the T5 fixture, but at a potential loss in terms of intensity, but less heat due to the reduced wattage. Both setups, if done properly, are about equal in terms of energy efficiency (luminance/watt), contrary to some information. Good lamps and reflectors are crucial to both, really.


Edit: nevermind. I missed what that reply was referenced to. My bad.

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