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Cultivated Reef

New Refugium/Sump, Absolutely confused!

EaZy DuZ iT

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EaZy DuZ iT

HEY EVERYONE! My names Mike, and I'm new to the forums.


I just bought a used eshopps refugium/sump for 50 dollars, i tried other forums but no1 was really able to give me detailed answers on where to move on from here.


This is my new refugium/sump.





Here is a photo of what they look like new






I have a 55 gallon glass aquarium, and i do not want to drill a hole. I need to buy an overflow, leaning more towards a Eshopps pf-800. Is there a way to setup a overflow with 100% NO CHANCE OF A FLOOD EVER HAPPENING. Also, in the pictures i don't understand what connects to what, what each hole is for. Also What type of pumps what i need and how many. Please, if anyone can give me detailed description it would help so much. Ive tried for days now and im still drawing a blank. THANKS A LOT GUYS!!

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